Practice Areas

Over 24 years experience in assisting clients manage IP rights and address damages in complex litigation.

Damages Assessment

Trial lawyers and their clients retain financial experts in dispute resolution because of their ability to skillfully communicate carefully reasoned analyses of the effects in the marketplace of a party’s alleged wrongful acts.  Our abilities in this regard are enhanced by our experience as business advisers addressing complex challenges faced by companies, universities, government research laboratories and other entities.  Triers of fact respond positively to real-world experience and often view it as an influential element in evaluating the credibility of a financial expert. Read More

Royalty Auditing

We are a nationally recognized leader in providing royalty audit services — over 200 such engagements in total — for university technology transfer offices, research foundations, and U.S. government research laboratories, as well as corporations and individual inventors.  Our royalty audits have resulted in the collection of many tens of millions of dollars in under-reported royalties. Read More


Intellectual property is a key driver of corporate value.  To fully realize this value, companies must manage their IP effectively.  However, just as different IP assets are unique, each company may adopt different approaches to maximizing the value of their IP. Read More