Intellectual Property owners often apply different approaches to realize value from different types of IP rights.


Intellectual property is a key driver of corporate value.  To fully realize this value, companies must manage their IP effectively.  However, just as different IP assets are unique, each company may adopt different approaches to maximizing the value of their IP.

We value a wide variety of IP assets, including patents (utility, process, and design), trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.  We also value IP portfolios, products, and entities whose earning capability is substantially driven by IP.  Such valuations occur in a variety of contexts, including:

  • Purchase and sale
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Licensing
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Tax-related transactions
  • Reorganizations

Our extensive work across the IP life cycle (valuation, licensing, royalty auditing, and damages assessment) enables us to reduce the uncertainty of valuing intangible assets through well-considered and supported analysis and research.

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