• Damages Assessment

    Damages experts are a critical part of your litigation strategy. DBA provides seasoned experience in communicating well-considered and supportable analyses to triers of fact in intellectual property and complex commercial litigation.

  • Royalty Auditing

    Royalty audits are necessary to manage your IP portfolio effectively. Done properly, they provide peace of mind as to the completeness and accuracy of the licensee’s royalty reporting, while preserving valuable relationships.

  • Valuation

    Intellectual property is a key driver of corporate value. To fully realize this value, companies must manage their IP effectively. Just as different IP assets are unique, each company may adopt different approaches to maximizing the value of its IP.


I retired from my practice on June 30, 2021. I had the great fortune to have had a number of illustrious and generous mentors early in my career. The lessons I learned from them helped me over the course of thirty years to deliver, together with many gifted and thoughtful colleagues, valuable services to our clients. I am deeply grateful to those mentors, colleagues, and clients for the opportunity to have practiced in this challenging field. That I was able to do so on my own terms for most of that time is due to the love and support of my family. I hope I have been, and will continue in future endeavors, to be worthy of it.

I am happy to refer interested parties to service providers who may be able to offer assistance. I have left my published articles posted on the website in case they may be useful.

Daniel Burns

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